Chairman Preface

The success of nation-building culminated in the establishment of the welfare of the people of Indonesia. This can be achieved if good governance practices are applied, where government is accountable, transparent and supported by the optimal participation of the business community. Good governance practices will also realize a clean government that is government clean and free from corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN).


Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) is a non ministrial institution under the President which is sustainably fostering the good governance practices within the Indonesian public sector. Under the Government Regulation No. 60 of 2008 regarding Government Internal Control Systems (SPIP), BPKP is having mandate to be a government internal auditor which is assigned to conduct internal supervisory over the state financial accountability and fostering the implementation of government internal control systems. This mandate reveals the strategic position of BPKP in realizing good governance through optimal internal audit functions.


The strategic position has led BPKP to revitalize and reposition its roles into quality assurance and consulting roles by developing three control strategies, namely preemptive strategy, preventive strategy and repressive strategy.


Preemptive strategy is strategy to build public awareness so as to prevent moral hazard and to encourage community's participation to assist government in eradicating of corruption by means of socialization and training and education. Preventive strategy is strategy to develop early warning systems that can immediately prevent and detect of irregularities occured within the management of government, which undertaken through consultation, technical assistance and preparation of system or working guidelines. Repressive strategy is strategy pertaining to efforts undertaken to eradicate corruption through audit investigation along with building synergy with law enforcement institutions.


These strategies are developed based on strong commitment of BPKP to strengthen the good governance and provide significant contributions to the nation building process towards the achievement of national goals.


Finally, this organization profile is expected to be able to provide brief and clear information regarding BPKP to all shareholders and stakeholders



Jakarta, September 2011




Prof. Mardiasmo, Ak., MBA., PhD.